Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hair cut anyone..

Tangled by disney  

I was feeling a bit like Rapunzel lately. I have almost always had long hair and it takes me awhile to work up the guts to actually get my hair cut.  Ever since i was a wee little girl my dad has always liked me to have long hair. I was daddy's little girl. I've also gotten use to being the tom boy that always had a hat to hide most of the hair tucked in and wrapped in a bun.

But today was one of the few that i actally cut it. My hair dresser i have had for 4 years. She knows the rules. My hair has to be able to put in a ponytail. So each time she cuts it she gets it perfect. It's always just short enough to go in the very cute ponytail.

It has to go into a ponytail for a few reasons. I'm a tom boy. I can run with the big boys or even the little ones. I have always had long hair except for two occasions, one i butched it cause my dad told me when i was 12 that i could cut my hair as short as i wanted it so my mom brought me to the hair dresser and i told her to cut it as short as i wanted it. The other was my mom had an idea to perm my hair when i was 8, yeah will never do that again. Since i have always had long hair i have two minuet things i can't stand now... i have to have my hair up when i eat no matter what and it has to be up when I'm working on something. i don't like it in my face!

I can't help but play with my hair after it's been cut. All the dead ends have been trimmed off. The ends are all the same length. It's pretty. It's short. It's bouncy. It's lovely. It's playful. Can you tell i love it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Much ♥ Monday : A date

A date with a my good friend Tatter Beans and our even better friend Jack!

Our good buddy Jack!

The day would be better if the sun was shining!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

App stores

So the lubby as i like to call mine (others call theres hubby husband other half or signifacant other) goes to bed fairly early and in the soon to be 10 years we have been together we have always gone to bed together. We may not go to sleep at the sametime but we are always in bed together. Most of our daily chatter happens during this time. Also presious cuddling watchin tv or just holding each other while chatting away.

Anyways since its early i normally get out my handy dandy phone and find something to do til im tired... yeah that something is almost always cruising through the andriod app store. It truley is amazing that their really is a app for everthing and yes litterly everything.

Tonight i found a app that will help me count sheep to get to
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No fairys..

So i woke up yesturday hopping to ring my bed side bell to have the little cleaning ladies pop out of the cracks in the wall and take the list i had prepared...but the rain must have been keeping them away. As they never arrived no matter how hard or long i rang that damn bell. So i got on with my day and did the work myself. But today was a different story.

They arrived when they werent needed. The weather was clear and i didnt want to be inside to supervise... but they can be very force full. They got alot accomplished.

As for tomorrow not sure what will happen. I myself have things i personally need to accomplished but i doubt it will work.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

age ole conflict..

You know the one where you see your best friends husband out in public go over to say hi and then you start to realize as you approach that's not your best friend with him. As you get closer he see's you and you can him starting to get all flushed. When you arrive you just send him the look... you know the what the hell are you doing and i would like to see how you are going to get yourself out of this)....

Now my conflict is... Do you A) say anything. Make small talk still shooting him all the concerning looks.  B) do you just shoot the look and keep walking cause you really dont wanna know. C) Do you say anything to your best friend?

I feel i have been her before but it was just that a couple friend and the suspicion of ADULTERY had been there just not fully confirmed and i did just that say some to the other half about their spouse. But this time the situation is different... it's family... it's close immediate family. Again suspicion has been there, sort of confirmed but never said but as of last night it was said... through a social networking site but said none the less.

Back a few months ago i did a pissed off post and this post today is still about the same person. So all these thoughts, anger, frustration has been going on since even before that post. Deffinately since thanksgiving week but suspected since even as far back as June.

It just seems to be one lie after another. Or empty promises and half hearten excuses.

I think his disguise is starting to fade and I'm just not sure what to do!

Sunday, February 27, 2011